Halloween Story Judged Best!

For the second year in a row my scary story took honors at the annual Henderson Writers Group's Halloween party.  In a tie with Donna Pletzer, our stories were voted best of the evening and will be reprinted in this year's anthology.  Having my story chosen by fellow writers is not only a nice pat on the back, but a shot of encouragement to continue my writing journey. If you care to read my prize winning story, see below..... 

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A Scary Night in Peril

Jason Dumshire lived his whole life in Peril, Wisconsin. A reclusive sort, few people knew much about him and even fewer ever met him... face to face. An old classmate remembered he being mocked in school. "Guys called him Dumbshit. He was a gangly kid and a bit slow," he said.

     Another described him as having scraggly hair, a pox scarred face and a long pointy nose. One girl said he looked downright scary.

     Jason quit school in the middle of his sophomore year and basically made a living picking through trash at the city dump.

     He lived with his mom in a rundown house on a dead-end gravel road next to the marsh. She passed away about ten years ago, or at least it had been that long since anyone had seen her.

     Peril had received national attention a year ago when two boys, eight and ten-years-old, went missing after a night of trick or treating. The authorities questioned Jason, even spent days scouring the marsh, but found nothing. Most Peril residents were still unconvinced of Jason's innocence. The case is still open.

     Chief of Police Howard put the town on high alert, every officer would be on duty. He warned parents to watch over their children. He didn't want a repeat of last Halloween. People were collectively holding their breaths.

     The call came in at 10:05 Halloween night. Tommy Hayward, a nine year-old, dressed in a Spiderman costume was missing. He'd been with two buddies but continued going door to door when his friends left to go home. His mother was frantic.

     Chief Howard sent officers to block the accesses leading into and out of town. "Search every car," he told them.

     Word spread quickly. Men took to the streets. They began checking every kid dressed in the iconic red and blue costume. It took time, precious time. There were Spiderman look-alikes everywhere. It seemed half the boys in Peril had worn the same getup.

     Moms hustled their kids indoors. People, young and old, began looking behind every bush and in every dark corner. They were hell-bent on finding the boy...alive.

     As the last of the trick or treaters were cleared from the streets, there was a growing fear that Peril had lost another child.

     All it took was for someone to yell, "Let's check on Jason." Soon, twenty men were running down the gravel road. Their flashlights pierced the darkness, shinning on every inch of the road and into the bushes that lined the ditch.

     A single light could be seen moving about in the Dumshire house. There was no time to waste. Without knocking, the first men burst through front door. In the dim light, they saw Jason holding the diminutive superhero's hand.

     "Get him, don't let him hurt the boy," someone yelled. Three men grabbed Jason while two more pulled the boy free and away from the demon abductor.

     "Wait!" Loud shouting all but drowned out the boy's plea.

     One man put his arm around Jason's neck and locked his arm in back. "I've got him. Call the cops," he hollered.

     The boy pushed his way back into the center of the crowd. "Wait! Stop! He saved me."

     An eerie quiet fell over the room. Everyone looked to Tommy. "The person you want is out back."

     Behind Jason's house they found a dark sedan, with a man struggling to untie himself from the steering wheel. In a statement to police, he admitted he planned to avoid the roadblocks by hiding in the marsh and then slipping out of town in the early morning.

     The following day, the man and his wife, obsessed with having children of their own, confessed to kidnapping. Two boys who were found chained to a bed in a neighboring town were brought home to a tear-filled reunion with their families and Jason Dumshire became the super hero of that scary night in Peril.

October 16, 2017

Big Deal! Movie actor Matt Damon has his "Bourne Series." Well I have the "Born" series. Starting with my first book "Born Yesterday" which came out in March of this year, the follow-up book, "Battle Born," will debut around Thanksgiving time. For those who've asked, i...

April 24, 2017

Writing is not only a creative endeavor, it's a never ending learning process. I just attended my third writers conference, put on by my Henderson Writers Group. Every serious writer should make an effort to attend at least one conference at some point in their career....

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