Lots of people hope to one day write a book. Whether it's a memoir or an idea for a novel, they keep telling themselves, "one of these days I'm going to do it." Joe was one of these people. But unlike those who never "get around to it," he used the free time in retirement to pursue his "dream." To date, Joe has written four books and is working on the third book in his "Born series." To find out more about his work, see below. . . . .

BORN YESTERDAY is Joe's first book.

        It is the spring of 1964. People in the small resort town of Pine Lake, Wisconsin are skittish when a stranger is found unconscious in the park. His head wounds suggest he had been severely beaten. He subsequently slips into a coma. With nothing in his pockets and no one coming forward, his identity remains a mystery. 

       Nurse Julia Parsons is enamored with the sleeping stranger and takes a special interest in his care. His waking only complicates matters when he has no recollection of who he is or what happened to him.

        Overlooked clues send the couple on a journey across the state in search of his past.

Historical Fiction          312 pages             Purchase Price $12.95

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Battle Born is a prequel to Born Yesterday

       If you liked the character of Nora in "Born Yesterday," you'll love her rollicking adventure as she battles the Army, fends off lovers and thwarts her enemies.

        It's 1945. The war is over. Nora Jensen must work her way past the horrors she experienced as an Army nurse. A chance meeting with a fifteen year old girl could once again put Nora in a life and death situation. From a small resort town in Wisconsin to the high desert of Nevada, journey with her as she tries to stay one step ahead of the law and those that want to tear her world apart. A lover from her past may be her only ally.

Historical Fiction      269 Pages       Purchase Price $12.95    

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Joe's facination with his adopted state lead to his desire to write a story about Nevada's early settlers.

Step back in time, and re-live the life and struggles

of a pioneer couple who settle in Northern Nevada.

        In April of 1862, newly-weds John and Sara Graham leave St. Joe, Missouri as part of a wagon train, headed for California. For five months, they trudged across verdant prairies, snaked through narrow canyons, and made their way over treacherous mountain passes. They sloshed through mud, baked under a scorching sun, and endured all the elements Mother Nature threw at them.

        Held up by an early winter, and weary from the grueling journey, the couple decided to settle along the Humboldt River, in Northern Nevada. Their struggles didn't end there, they'd only just begun.

Historical Fiction        A Novella of 112 pages          Price $9.95

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"The Kid's Last fight" is a hard hitting novella about boxing in the early 50's. The book also includes a collection of four previously published short stories.

       Six years prior, Johnny "The Kid" Whalen blew his chance to fight for a championship. Now, a fighter in a highly touted bout is mysteriously injured and Johnny hopes by taking his place, it'll be his chance to get back into big-time boxing.

        Instead, a serious medical issue and his mobster owner's devious plans could be the end his boxing career. An old acquaintance with a shocking revelation, further complicates Johnny's life and jeopardizes the lives of those he holds dear.

Get this action-packed novella plus four short stories that will leave you chuckling to yourself.
Fiction                 Total pages 165                  Price  $9.95

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