About the Author. . . . 

Joe was born in Little Chute and grew up in Green Lake, Wisconsin. His family owned and operated Van Rhyn's Steak House restaurant between the years 1950 and 1975. It was known as House of the Grand Champions because each year, Joe's dad, would buy the champion steer at the county fair. Joe worked all in areas of the business, starting as a busboy at age 13, before moving up to cook and bartender. He left the business in 1969 to open his own screen printing company.


From sports jock to actor

In high school, Joe played all sports but his real love was acting. Nothing gave him more pleasure than being in front of the spotlight, bringing a character to life. He was fortunate to have carried lead roles in many plays, including Prince Charming in Cinderella, Pish Tosh in The Mikado, and the villain Cassius Carstairs in An Old Fashioned Melodrama.


The big move to Las Vegas

In 1978, Joe moved his family to Las Vegas following his brother John who moved to Vegas a few years earlier.  Joe saw opportunity and business potential in a town built on promoting itself. He opened El Cid Promotions, an advertising specialties company that he and his wife ran for thirty years.



Looking for the next challenge

What does a person do when he's used to going full speed for ten hours a day, twiddle his thumbs? Joe decided it would be fun to write a book, if for no other reason, than to have something he could hold in his hands and possibly give to his grandchildren. With little thought of what a project like this entails, and having little writing experience, Joe sat at his computer and began typing. Before long he had fifty pages of what would be the start of a good mystery. At this point, Joe was committed to this writing business. He joined a writers group, and began reading self-help books, wanting to improve his skills. Within six months, he completed his first novel, BORN YESTERDAY, a 300 page romance/mystery.



Publishing the first book

After months of editing and re-writing, BORN YESTERDAY was ready to make its debut. Joe enlisted the help of a local publisher to help him self-publish the book. He took great joy in being involved in all aspects of the process and looked forward to marketing and promoting his book on Amazon and other outlets.


Four books and counting

Joe followed with a prequel to "Born Yesterday" with "Battle Born" in 2016. Then came his two novellas, "Life Along the Humboldt" (2017) and "The Kid's Last Fight."(2019) On the drawing board is, the third book in his "Born" series.