Kathy's Story

On the dedication page of my book is a special thanks to Kathy. Here is her story.

Writing is a lonely endeavor, without positive re-enforcement, it's hard to feel the stuff we're putting on paper is worthy of publication. We naturally get the obligatory praise and encouragement from our friends and family but an unsolicited compliment always means so much more.

One such boost to my ego, came from the daughter of an old school chum. I'd sent Mike an early copy of "Born Yesterday." After reading it, he asked if he could send it to his oldest daughter. Kathy has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Reading is one of the things she enjoys and helps to take her mind off the pain.

I recently received a letter from Mike and with it he sent the attached note. It was her thank you for birthday money. I was truly touched. No agent, editor, or publisher could ever match the compliment she paid me. This wasn't a pseudo shout out from another writer, but the simple musing from a reader who thought my book was "so good" she wrote about it in her note to her folks.

To me, those words inspired me to polish my writing, have the manuscript professionally edited, and follow through to self publish the book. She will be receiving one of the very first copies, signed with a "Thank you note" from me.

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