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Today, my letter to the editor appeared in the RJ. Yes, I'm happy that it made it into the paper but disappointed they took out so much of the "meat." I'm posting the letter as I wrote it to satisfy my ego. The letter was in response to an article that appeared in the previous Sunday's Opinion page written by Drew Johnson. In it, Mr. Johnson tried to do a hit job on Al Gore by calling him an "Energy Hog" in contradiction to Gore's recent release of a movie on global warming. My letter follows:

Let's be serious, did anyone on the editorial staff read the Drew Johnson drivel before putting it on the front page of Sunday's Viewpoints? A typical global warming denier with no credible evidence to shoot down the message, so he takes aim at the messenger. His personal attack on Al Gore's energy usage was both juvenile and flawed in his research. He called Gore an "Energy Hog" because Gore's Nashville home used twenty three times that of an average home in the state. Some people in the back hills of Tennessee uses electricity to power a few lightbulbs. They also cook on a wood burning stove and use an outhouse

Another claim Johnson makes, is that the Vice President spent more in a month to heat his outdoor pool than what six typical homes spent in a year. He failed to mention if those six had pools. Swimming holes don't count. He goes on to call Gore a hypocrite, for having "an energy bill that would sink most Americans." I've never seen the ex-veep's Nashville home but I'm sure it is not the three bedroom bungalow he wants to compare it to. Johnson also seems chapped that Gore's net worth has risen to 300 million, a figure, I'm sure is more than 300 times the average in the state.

Would Johnson also have us believe that Donald Trump is a "Water Hog" because of the amount he uses to keep his golf courses green? That surely would be astronomically more than you and I use on our back yards. He's trying to compare apples to watermelons. To his credit, Johnson acknowledged that Gore had spent over $250,000 to reduce his carbon footprint by adding solar panels, up-graded windows, insulation, ductwork, and a geothermal heating system. This sizeable investment in renewable energy and conservation methods proves to me that Gore is willing to walk the walk, whereas Drew Johnson is nothing more than talk, disingenuous at that.

Respectfully submitted, Joe Van Rhyn

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